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Hospital Extends Volunteer Hours Of Baby Cuddlers

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OMAHA, Neb. -- Methodist Womens Hospital extended the volunteer hours of baby cuddlers for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to the overwhelming number of sign-ups.

Babies in the NICU need round-the-clock care and when moms and dads arent free, volunteers come in to cuddle the innts. Volunteer cuddlers go through extensive training before they can start cradling babies.

Katie Masilko, a mother who recently gave birth to fraternal twins Joey and Jordyn, wholesale hardware said that not knowing how your kids are is probably the most nerve-racking thing, especially because her babies are underweight and unhealthy.

(Joey) ended up popping holes in both his lungs. He had to have ventilator and test tubs and seeing him hooked up to all the monitors and things, Masilko said. Its hard not to just be able to sit and walk and snuggle with them when you want to.

Masilko also has a 2-year-old at home in Battle Creek to take care of.

(Our house) is about two hours away so its quite the travel distance, she said.

Thankfully, Masilko has a substitute in caring for her twins volunteer cuddler Jane Bertinetti.

(Parents) just want their babies to feel loved home hardware , especially being in the hospital where they cant be home and loved and cuddled all the time, Masilko said.

Bertinetti cradles babies for a few hours every week.

Bertinetti said its important that babies feel a human connection. (Cuddling) helps their brain develop when they sleep. Thats why its important that they are not crying and that theyre being held, she said.

Bertinetti adds that she knows time is precious, rivet tools especially for parents whose babies are in the NICU.

When mothers cant be here or dads cant be here, (cuddling is) just another way of giving them the attention they need, Bertinetti said. You know, this is the best job in the world. They would never have to pay me to do this.

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